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Regardless of where you are in life, it never hurts to pick up a little extra cash, especially if you have the time and energy to do it. For many people, having a second job is a necessity, whether they want it or not. You might feel comfortable with your current job, but a side hustle could open up a world of possibilities that extend beyond greater financial security. If you have the time, think about finding a side hustle that appeals to you and start putting those hours into it.

Pay off debt

If you have any form of debt, a side hustle could be the answer for you. Even if you’re not having trouble making your payments, you could pay off that debt more quickly and save on the interest if you get a side hustle and put that money toward the debt as well. The sooner you can pay off debt, the sooner you’ll feel that weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Save for goals

You might have a long term goal in mind, such as buying a house, purchasing a new car, or going on an exciting vacation. By starting a side hustle as you save for this goal, you’ll be able to reach it more quickly. You might be able to save more than you had originally planned or have some extra left over.

Create new connections

No matter what you choose for your side hustle, you’ll create new connections. You can enlarge your current network with new people; you never know where these new relationships will take you. You might find some great friends, people who lead you to a better full-time job, or simply have interesting experiences. The larger your network, the more opportunities you’ll discover.

Gain new skills

In every position, you’ll gain new skills, even if it doesn’t seem like it. No matter what side hustle you choose, you’ll learn how to better interact with people, can teach yourself aspects of the job that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise, and experience work in a different way than you do at your regular job. Working on enhancing new skills is a valuable asset and something that can benefit all areas of your life.

Have a safety net

When you start a side hustle, you’ll provide yourself with a safety net in case something would ever happen with your main job. We can never predict the changes life brings, but if you would lose your main job, you still have a second source of income from your side hustle. Many people have even found that they enjoy their side hustles more than their full-time jobs and have gone on to make that side hustle their full-time job!